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  • Porphyrus Cadorna

    Porphyrys Cadorna is a short, gaunt young man of about 22 to 27 years of age. His hair is dark black, thick and straight. His cheekbones are well-pronounced and his nose is sharp and pointed. His brilliant green eyes sparkle with a keen intelligence. …

  • Heiratess

    Heiratess encountered and traveled with Karrig and Lethudiae after some misadventures in Zhentil Keep. Now a member of the council, she seeks to spread the worship of Ellistrae, aide the party as she can, and help raise up a tollerant Phlan. She …

  • Heron Valjevo

    Heron Valjevo is a surviving member of the Council of Ten in Phlan. Lethudiae shamed him into aiding in the direct defense of Phlan and he stuck with them through all of their remaining battles, cutting down several ogres despite numerous injuries.

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