Knights of Phlan

New Verdigris

A contingent of the mithral knights entered the portal in Phlan and exited the nexus into what turned out to be an ancient well within the ruins of Old Verdigris. After some effort, they extricated themselves from the depths of the mystical well and set about the glacier-encased exploring the ruins. Ericon and Quirray set up a suitable fire to dry the water-soaked and nearly hypothermic members of the group before setting out to search for tracks.

The tracks they discovered led to mine tunnels and following Vassel’s arcane sight, they were able to determine the mine tunnel that would lead them to the end of the arcane tether (which presumably holds Verdigris from the prime material plane).

The group encountered dwarven guards at then end of one tunnel and with Orsik’s aid they were able to make contact with New Verdigris and receive suitable gear for exploring the frozen tunnels. Dartok Mastemyr entrusted Orsik with two locked chests to take back to Phlan.

At the end of the tether-path, the party encounter 4 undead guards defending a stone building. As they attempted to parley a towering gelugon squeezed out the door of the building and eventually provoked the party into a battle. He attempted to trade his own life for a wish granted to Quirray, but he was slain by Kalhanan with the consent of the group. Quirray recovered the beacon of true faith and passed it to Orsik.

During the battle, Orsik determined that Golan Truesteel’s axe is capable of speech as it vocalized its belief that the gelugon who turned out to be a disguised Glabrezu could not be trusted.

Unwilling to allow the undead guards to remain so close to the mines and New Verdigris, Kalahanan led an assualt on the stone building and the icy knights were dispatched.

Within the building were three sarcophagi, two housing slain knights of Tyr, while the third held a knight of Lathander. The sword of the knight of Lathander was missing and the sword-arm of the knight had been broken.

Pools of Darkness

The party was returned to flesh from having been transformed into mithral statues by the Pool of Radiance. They soon discovered Phlan, and three other cities had been torn from the surface of Toril and held in some alternate plane. They are linked together by pools of darkness.

Concluding Phlan

This space left open for an entry.

Chaos and Blood
From the Journal of Orsik Mastemyr:

Date and Time

The city is in flames and foul folk run the streets! No sooner had we finished ridding that light-forsaken cemetery of its taint, we heard the sounds of battle a death from the city. Even a wyrm causing chaos from above. I swear, for the life of me I can’t understand what interest the clans have in this city. It seems determined to kill anyone who comes within its walls.

We’re planning on making a run for the council chamber. Most here seem to be smitten with the drow, but I figure our best chance of driving out the invaders is to put together a coordinated defense. Now we just have to find an army to mobilize.

Date and Time (+1 hour)

Moradin be praised! We’ve had to fight our way almost every step of the way through the city. Bands of orcs are roaming the city, and we’ve destroyed a few of them. Four or five hill giants were even roaming about looking for something. The priest of Tyr and a few of his brothers helped us put them down, but just then a dragon came down from the sky, and demanded those huge ioun stones we’ve been picking up. Strange thing is it was one of the metal ones; I thought they were supposed to be good. Either way, I asked why he was working with the filth and what he wanted to do with the stones, but he wouldn’t give an answer. I don’t know where I stand with the Master of the Forge right now, but I know he wouldn’t want me selling all these people out to save my own skin. So I refused the beast and decided to go to the next life with my hammer in my hand, and my honor whole. The fight was as terrible as I expected. The dragon killed the priest, mangled Karrig, and blasted me with flame in the process. The next thing I know, a glowing man stood up out of the priest’s ruined body, touched the dragon, and it fled.

Valhingen Graveyard
He Who Comes Before
With undead attacks ever-increasing on the town, the Council and the Church of Tyr asked for the party to return to the Graveyard. As reward, the Church of Tyr offered up an ancient magical greatsword that had been created with a dedication to destroy the undead. If the undead attacks ceased, the party would be allowed to keep the weapon.

The first change to the graveyard noticed by the party was the lifting of the fog. The entirety of Valhingen was open to the party and no undead were openly roaming the grounds. However, not all was at peace. The party quickly found that many of the undead were simply awaiting them under the soil and would claw their way to the surface and engage them when the party came too close. However, the light of day turned out to slowly break down the bonds holding the undead together and left them weakened against the might of Orsik and Kalhanan.

It was discovered that destroying the spectre in each mausoleum would stop the continued process of the creation of undead. This tactic led to significant progress, up until they discovered a tomb for one Miltiades of Tyr. This creature, some sort of death knight, rebuffed the party with magical fire and through a terrifying display of visage, sent many running.

The terrified party members found themselves all to have taken up a defensive posture behind a marble statue…
Out of Place
Numbering your Antons

While Torric and Simeon continued exploring the pyramid maze, Kalhanan and Ericon returned to Phlan to seek the aid of their allies. Orsik and Karrig, having worked to reinforce the Temple from the damage done to its foundation by the ghouls, hastily readied themselves and returned to Sorcerer’s Island with Kalhanan and Ericon.

Eventually, the two parties met in the maze. Both had independently gathered that the portal system worked on a “back, forward, back, forward” principal. As such, when an object was thrown through after each person was transported, the group could stick together.

They discovered Yarash’s workshop where he had mutated and augmented various creatures, including, presumably Anton. In the final battle with Yarash, the strange machinery that both create mutants and was poisoning the river was destroyed and exploded. While several were injured, no one was killed (with the exception of Yarash, who had been repeatedly stabbed by the party).

Two men identical to Anton (but without the strange modifications Yarash had made to the other Anton) had been gestating in glass cylinders and were released during the fighting. When they came within proximity to the ioun spheres possessed by Orsik and Simeon, they magical crystals left orbit around their owners and began orbitting one of the Antons.

Into the Wild
Simeon, Kal, Ericon, and Torric have some male bonding time

After they cleared the Temple and the priests began taking residence, the orcs fled Phlan (likely to the other tribe’s lair). While they were reknowned in town for a short while, another group of adventurers returned (finally!) from clearing the kobold lair of 5,000+ kobolds. This had taken weeks.

Simeon managed to start a fight with their leader, by stealing his spear. Upon discovering that his friends, in fact, called him “Spear.” Simeon could not resist another series of insults which led to a brawl with the drunken fighter. Kalhanan nor involved, as did Harlin, the other group’s rogue. But, the fight broke up before the city guard could be called.

Meanwhile, Heiratess received two Elven guests when she was the sole council member on duty one night. They were outraged to see a Drow on the council, but through her extremely capable diplomatic skills she was able to at least convince them to give their report. They had scouted out the source of the pollution to Stojanow River. It was a Mulhorandi-esque pyramid that had been built on an island upriver. It was spewing wretched black liquid that was making the river undrinkable.

Orsik had discovered that the foundation to the temple had been undermined by the undead in the crypts below it. He, Karrig, Anton, and Burias thus became busy solving the immediate threat to the structure.

So, Simeon, Kalhanan, Ericon, and Torric (the former member of the Welcomers who Heiratess had captured and was now working for her) sought out the pyramid. Enroute, they came upon a series of glittering hillocks or mounds. Simeon convinced the others that they should be explored and they ended their evening fighting off giant praying mantises and a spectre creature that rose from the idol there. Simeon rounded up all the spears used by the thri-keen and decided he would present them as a gift to Spear, when he returned.

The next day, much increased in gold coin, they traveled to the island. They passed one patrol of lizardfolk who shook their spears at them. Simeon shook his bundle of spears back at them, but no incident resulted. They finally made it to the pyramid.

At the pyramid they were attacked by several mutated lizardfolk, one of which was as large as an ogre, but only had one arm (which extended from his back and not from his shoulders. It was a close fight for Kal, but they won.

The pyramid’s only apparent entrance was a mirror-portal which led into a maze. A second portal was found in the maze that at one point split the party into 2 locations. Kal and Ericon, separated from Torric and Simeon, took to entering the portal together, by hugging and them leaping through as one. Simeon and Torric … did not. In the end, Kal, and Ericon ended up outside the pyramid with Torric and Simeon lost somewhere therein.

Kovel Mansion
A sticky situation...

Lord Kovel, a council member was reported to have been assassinated. Cadorna hired the party to route out the likely suspects, the Welcomers of Phlan who were holed up in Kovel Mansion.

As such, Heiratess proposed a plan to the council in which she would be named (with House Kovel’s support) to the council and used as bait. If all was successful and the Welcomers routed, then she would be named to the council.

Then, misinformation was put out in Phlan and a trap was sprung for the Welcomers. Heiratess was attacked which sprung an ambush from the party. A few thieves escaped. Half the party (Simeon, Anton, Burias) escorted priests of Tyr who had been summoned for an injured Heiratess (actually, one of the injured thieves) was ambushed by thieves as they made their way from the inn to the temple of Tyr.

The other half of the party made their way to Kovel Mansion to launch an attack. Simeon later caught up with them. At Kovel Mansion they moved room by room encountering thieves and nefarious traps, one of which started a fire that burned down a quarter of the mansion. Heiratess captured one thief, and two thieves escaped.

Seeing the fire, the orcs from the Temple of Bane made an attack which led to Mace’s death at the hands of the party. The orcs had actually doubled in numbers (less their losses at the hands of the party at the mansion) from a merging of the other tribe of orcs whose chieftain had been killed at Mantor’s Library (and whose numbers had been diminished on Thorn Island).

The party reassembled and with the blessing of the priests, and using the Hammer of Tyr – they routed the orcs at the Temple and successfully fought off the counterattack by the orcs (who were now also reinforced by ogres of thar).

Nat Wyler's Bell
The bell tolls for thee...

Burias stayed with the Priests of Tyr to recover, while Orsik rejoined the party. Why celebrating at Nat Wyler’s Bell, the PCs were attacked, from the kitchen, by several mutated lizardfolk. An odd occurence happened during the fight. Everytime Simeon’s daggers met steel the bell would ring. As the bell rang, his daggers would vibrate. This led to a constant ringing of the bell during the fight. Concerned, Orsik eventually cast a shatter spell which both destroyed the bell and several of the remaining lizardfolk. One made a run for it – back into the kitchen.

They headed into the kitchen to find an unconcious Nat Wyler, who Orsik healed. He revealed that the lizardfolk had come up through a sizeable “drainage grate” in the floor. They followed the tracks of the lizard to an underground river, where a dark cloaked armored figure was speaking to the lizardfolk. Lethudiae shot the lizardfolk through the head.

The armored figure fought them at this point, hand to hand with the assistance of a dire wolverine-shark thing that the party was able to put down. One of Orsik’s attacks destroyed the armor of their foe, and as his helm cracked and clattered to the ground they saw it was, in fact, Anton. After they disabled him, they determined that a red crystal on his chest was mounted to a steel plate that was interlocked with his ribs. Orsik used his powers to break the jewel free and radically damaged the chest plate.

They took the unconcious, but amazingly still alive, Anton to the Temple of Tyr – where he remained comatose for a two weeks.

Mantor's Library & Valhingen Graveyard
Bad luck continues...

The council contracted the party to find information in Mantor’s Library related to the Lord of the Ruins. There they encountered a basilisk, a very small beholderkin, several stained glass golems. The golems had previously cut to shreds several mutated lizardfolk that had been involved in strange almost mechanical modifications.

From here the party made an attempt into the Graveyard, where they defeated a spectre that was crafting zombies. Defeating this creature caused all remaining zombies to collapse into heaps. They encountered two vampire spawn, but were able to destroy them.

Soon after they stumbled into a pit that turned out to be the lair of several vampires, and barely escaped the vampire queen there, only by the grace of Moradin was Orsik able to turn her, and he was severely injured in the process.

In the lair they discovered the missing Hammer of Tyr, though only Simeon (strangely enough) was able to wield it. As they ventured further through the graveyard, they discovered that the mists parted for Simeon as he walked. However, a surprise attack from a vampire, wights and a giant skeleton resulted in the death of Orsik. However, in the fight they were assisted by a wight who appeared to be Burias, but he ran off after the fight.

They took Orsik to the Temple where they learned that the manner of his death would result in him rising as a vampire. Bishop Braccio encouraged them to go to the Temple (formerly of Tyr, currently of a cult of Bane) in an attempt to recover scriptures that might be successful in returning Orsik to life.

The party scuffled with orcs near the Temple and when confronted by their leader, “Mace”, he made a deal with them. They would clear Ranthor’s Tower, in the mansion district and he would allow them to search the Temple for Tyrran scriptures. The tower was protected by a system of 5 magical gems (4 outside the tower, one hidden somewhere within) that electrocuted anyone who came within 30 feet. They … ran for the door and made it inside, with minimal injury. They cleared the tower and determined that two wizards had attempted to fight off various monsters, but were ultimately unsuccessful. A gnoll assassin had come in from the roof, and killed at least one of the wizards. However, that gnoll had his throat slit, possibly with his own knife, before he could escape.

They cleared the tower and took 4 of the crystals (and the controlling cloak) from the tower. A series of shennanigans followed at the temple as the party managed to steal a great deal of hidden treasure, while distracting the orcs. A human with a greatsword arrived at one point to speak with Mace. The orcs led the party enter the mausoleum below, but locked the grate behind them. They had to fight off several undead and a golem made from the bodies of several long dead priests of tyr. (The golem was made by Yarash).

The orcs did let them out, eventually. However, there was no raise dead scroll. But, logs of the temple that were recovered referred to a “Master of Valhingen” who once returned a boy to life that turned out to be an ancestor of Cadorna.

So, back into the graveyard they went. The Burias-Wight led them to a mausoleum which seemed to be the lair of the Master of Valhingen. He turned out to be a spectre of sorts who has seemingly lost control over the graveyard due to the presence of the vampire dwelling therein.

He explained that if the body of the dead is joined with the soul of the dead on the fugue plane, then the dead would return to life. Existing in the graveyard was, in fact, a tear that leads to the fugue plane.

The party returned to the Temple and spoke with Bishop Braccio who was saddened to inform them that Orsik had now turned into a vampire and was chained (with silver) in the basement. They took Orsik to the graveyard and the Burias-wight also followed. Once on the stairs, the two undead creatures (Burias, Orsik) became almost catatonic and simply followed the party.

Meanwhile, both Orsik and Burias had been waiting on the Fugue plane for their respective gods to take them to the afterlife. They both were met by a beautiful woman with pale blue skin who cautioned them that their failings may cause them to not be welcomed in the afterlife and that she could help them return to life if they would do her a favor at a later time. They both separately agreed and she led them to the base of a stairwell, such that they were there when the party arrived. She then flew off revealing her bat-like wings. Orsik and Burias both became somewhat troubled by their decisions.

Upon touching their animated corpses, both Orsik and Burias were returned to life.


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