Knights of Phlan

Cadorna Textile House
Leave no man behind...

The second foray into Cadorna textile house was succesful, with Lethudiae matching the gnoll leader arrow for arrow. However, while the textile house was populated only with gnolls before, it had been reinforced with an ogre, the orc leader from Thorn Island and several orcs.

The gnoll shaman was absent from the fight. The party would learn later that after he shaved Orsik’s beard, drugged him and tortured him he began ranting about some all powerful Lord of the Ruins. However, when he uttered the worth “Tyranth-” he burst into flames and died screaming.

Once again the orc leader fought his way out depending on the protection his armor granted him. Three wolves entered the compound towards the end of the fight (and actually took down the gnoll leader, ripping him to shreds). Lethudiae called the wolves to him and sent them tracking after the Orc leader. He managed to catch up with them as the Orc leader was putting the wolves to the ground.

His arrows struck true and found the chinks in his armor, felling him. He noticed that the Orc leader seemed to be heading for Mantor’s Library. Lethudiae drug the body back to the textile house.

Cadorna Textile House
A series of unfortunate events...

After they received their reward, they were assured by Cadorna that he would throw more work their way. In the meanwhile they discovered that another group had succeeded in clearing out the slums to an extent that Kuto’s Well was accessible to townspeople and Nat Wyler’s Bell was a relatively safe place to get to.

Cadorna contracted them personally to reclaim the textile house his family owned when they had lived their previously. However, this attempt was met with disaster.

The gnolls that dwelled within were not an overly difficult challenge, however, their leader and shaman both proved to be formidable. The gnoll leader made great use of his bow and in the end the entire party was routed. Grim and Tarask were knocked unconcious but luckily healed by a healing burst that Orsik put out shortly before being captured. Burias and Anton were both crumpled in the center of the courtyard and presumed dead. With their attention focused on the concious Orsik, the gnolls missed Tarask and Grim rousing and slipping out.

Sokal Keep
Their first mission and they're on their own...

From there, Cadorna presented them with a contract to clear Thorn Island and Sokal Keep. He offered them a personal incentive to fly a banner with the Cadorna family crest on it alongside the flag with the crest of Phlan when the castle was retaken.

They found the corpse of a dead Drow Elf who was shot in the back by a thick black arrow as he faced the Keep. As they came closer, they were rebuffed by the skeletal guards inhabiting the keep. One skeleton burst into flames and through small balls of fire at them, causing a great deal of injury.

They headed back to shore, in an attempt to signal their ferryman, but saw dozens of small vessels loaded down with orcs coming to shore. They headed back into the mist covered island and hid in a crypt within a small graveyard on the island. The crypt turned out to have a secret stairwell which was inhabited with ghouls. While the lead ghoul surrendered after Orsik turned his minions, he deceptively waited for the group to send out scouts and then resumed his attacks on the remaining party. After surrendering again, he gave them pass phrases he knew would get them into the castle past the skeletal guardians. They left him in peace for the time being.

Rested, they returned to the keep. As they approached they came across a soaking wet ranger, named Ericon. He had been aboard a vessel that was raided by orcish pirates and had washed up on the island. He agreed to aid them in retaking the keep in exchange for passage to town, later, and a share of their loot.

Retaking the keep was difficult, but they were successful and lost no lives. After one burning skeleton would be destroyed, another would soon become covered in flames. Towards the end, one burning skeleton began cackling as it threw fire at its compatriots, as well. Simeon was knocked unconcious during the battle.

Within the keep they met the spectre of Ferran Martinez, the former Bishop of Tyr who had safeguarded the keep by binding the souls of its defenders to their bodies beyond death using a scroll written by priests of Myrkul. He had accepted that Tyr would not accept him into the afterlife and had dwelled in the keep. He released the spell and dissipated after discovering from Anton, that the party intended to help retake the Temple of Tyr in Phlan. He also presented them with a silver scale that was the primary relic formerly kept in the Temple. Soon after Bishop Ferran dissipated, Simeon came into consciousness and exhibited slightly odd behavior.

Not much later, however, orcs attacked the keep. The leader of the orcs had chained the ghoul and was driving him forward with a barbed whip. Skeletal guardians came to the aid of the party and their sound tactics allowed them to defeat all of the orcs except their well-armored leader, who was forced to withdraw.

Once the flags had been posted above the standing tower of the keep, the mist cleared and the party was able to see they had accomplished their mission, as the island was no longer inhabited by orcs, skeletons, or ghouls. Returning to the crypt they discovered that a portion of the ghoul’s treasure had been taken, but the heavier pieces remained. This indicated to the party that the armored orc chieftain had returned to the crypt and taken “all he could carry” with him.

Kuto's Well
The story begins...

The original party was gathered by a gnome adventurer, Finnan Zolonso, who had managed to get a contract from the council to reclaim Kuto’s Well. The Stojanow River is polluted and Kuto’s Well is the only natural source of clean water. In the process of retaking the well Zolonso was killed, but the group presented themselves to the council member who signed the contract, Porphyrus Cadorna, and claimed the reward. They decided to continue on as a group.

The group did find the skeleton of a cleric who died during the fall of Phlan. His journal revealed that the high priest had taken a forbidden liturgy of Myrkul with him to Sokal Keep. As such the priest had broken off from last defenders.


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