Orsik Mastemyr

Cleric of Moradin


Age: 62 years in 1375 DR
Occupation: Engineer, Adventurer
Race: Gold Dwarf
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Patron Deity: Moradin; venerates all the Morndinsamman as appropriate (except Abbathor, Deep Duerra, Laduguer, and Thard Harr)
Place of Birth: The Firecaverns in the Great Rift

Physical Statistics

Weight: 216 lbs.
Skin Tone: Cinnamon Brown
Eye Color: Moss Green.
Hair: Dark Brown


A bit shorter than average, Orsik stands at only about four feet with a thick and stocky build. His hair is cropped short, reaching just to his neck. His beard and mustaches are also kept short and oiled with rubies fastened into two dangling braids. He’s fastidious about his appearance, with rarely a hair out of place or smudge on his clothing or face. His clothing is tooled with gold thread and interwoven with various other gems discovered or gifted to him over his years of service for the soulforger.

Orsik is rarely seen without his heavy steel shield. It is well polished and elbazoned with the crest of Clan Mastemyr. A masterwork warhammer inlaid with a gold symbol of Moradin also hangs from his belt.

Personality Profile

Orsik is a leader and used to being in charge after several decades of shepherding younger dwarves; although he knows how to give honor where honor is due. An easy way to sum up Orsik is that he enjoys the process. He’s meticulous about that things he does from his hygene to mason work to battle. He does what he does step by step to completion. He enjoys fine drink, but more to admire the craftsmanship, to reflect on the fruit of the brewer’s labor and process than mere carousing.

Loyal to his own, a more zealous advocate for the dwarven people would be hard to find, but Orsik’s zeal is tempered with understanding that not all peoples will follow the tried and true dwarven way. While he doesn’t agree with the ways of non-dwarves, he realizes that it is not his place to force his own way on them either. Some see this as complacency, but nothing could be further from the truth. As strongly as he feels about a people’s ways, he remains true to his beliefs. Dwarves on the other hand…there are no excuses there.

Biographical Summary

Orsik was born in 1313 DR in the Firecaverns of the Great Rift, son of Orskar and Typhane. Orskar had served for many years as a mason and engineer for clan Mastemyr in the Firecaverns. But for all his long life and illustrious career, he and Typhane were never able to conceive. Until two decades before the Thunder Blessing that is. Orsik was celebrated as a miracle and savior of Orskar’s line. His parents were elderly, but he benefitted from his father’s vast experience and their standing as elders in the community. Orsik was able to travel all over the Great Rift in the Mastemyr name designing and overseeing the building of great pieces of architecture. Orskar’s experience made him a highly desired engineer, and a fantastic teacher. After a few decades of apprenticeship, Orsik and Orskar were working on the construction of a new temple to Moradin. It was during this project that Orsik first felt the call of the soul forger. His parents were sad to have him leave to train at the temple, but proud too at his calling.

As a resident of the firecaverns, Orsik interacted with non-dwarves more than most his people, even though he and his father’s services were hardly ever offered to outsiders. It was most likely for this reason that Orsik was asked to accompany the many young dwarves looking to bolster the thinning ranks at the Gold Dwarf outpost in the Thunder Peaks. His experience was intended to help temper the bigotry of the younger dwarves, and this plan succeeded to large extent. But his presence has also served as a reminder of the dwarven heritage which each of the young ones has come out of. When surrounded by outsiders, it could be easy to forget the ways of the fathers. His engineering experience also made him a valuable addition to the garrison looking to expand.

Orsik has been working in the Thunder Peaks outpost until very recently. When a unique opportunity was seen in the burgeoning settlement in Phlan, Orsik was assigned to take charge of making that opportunity reality. He is currently negotiating a trade agreement with the current rulers of the city.

Orsik Mastemyr

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