Knights of Phlan

Valhingen Graveyard

He Who Comes Before

With undead attacks ever-increasing on the town, the Council and the Church of Tyr asked for the party to return to the Graveyard. As reward, the Church of Tyr offered up an ancient magical greatsword that had been created with a dedication to destroy the undead. If the undead attacks ceased, the party would be allowed to keep the weapon.

The first change to the graveyard noticed by the party was the lifting of the fog. The entirety of Valhingen was open to the party and no undead were openly roaming the grounds. However, not all was at peace. The party quickly found that many of the undead were simply awaiting them under the soil and would claw their way to the surface and engage them when the party came too close. However, the light of day turned out to slowly break down the bonds holding the undead together and left them weakened against the might of Orsik and Kalhanan.

It was discovered that destroying the spectre in each mausoleum would stop the continued process of the creation of undead. This tactic led to significant progress, up until they discovered a tomb for one Miltiades of Tyr. This creature, some sort of death knight, rebuffed the party with magical fire and through a terrifying display of visage, sent many running.

The terrified party members found themselves all to have taken up a defensive posture behind a marble statue…



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