Knights of Phlan

Out of Place

Numbering your Antons

While Torric and Simeon continued exploring the pyramid maze, Kalhanan and Ericon returned to Phlan to seek the aid of their allies. Orsik and Karrig, having worked to reinforce the Temple from the damage done to its foundation by the ghouls, hastily readied themselves and returned to Sorcerer’s Island with Kalhanan and Ericon.

Eventually, the two parties met in the maze. Both had independently gathered that the portal system worked on a “back, forward, back, forward” principal. As such, when an object was thrown through after each person was transported, the group could stick together.

They discovered Yarash’s workshop where he had mutated and augmented various creatures, including, presumably Anton. In the final battle with Yarash, the strange machinery that both create mutants and was poisoning the river was destroyed and exploded. While several were injured, no one was killed (with the exception of Yarash, who had been repeatedly stabbed by the party).

Two men identical to Anton (but without the strange modifications Yarash had made to the other Anton) had been gestating in glass cylinders and were released during the fighting. When they came within proximity to the ioun spheres possessed by Orsik and Simeon, they magical crystals left orbit around their owners and began orbitting one of the Antons.



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