Knights of Phlan

A contingent of the mithral knights entered the portal in Phlan and exited the nexus into what turned out to be an ancient well within the ruins of Old Verdigris. After some effort, they extricated themselves from the depths of the mystical well and set about the glacier-encased exploring the ruins. Ericon and Quirray set up a suitable fire to dry the water-soaked and nearly hypothermic members of the group before setting out to search for tracks.

The tracks they discovered led to mine tunnels and following Vassel’s arcane sight, they were able to determine the mine tunnel that would lead them to the end of the arcane tether (which presumably holds Verdigris from the prime material plane).

The group encountered dwarven guards at then end of one tunnel and with Orsik’s aid they were able to make contact with New Verdigris and receive suitable gear for exploring the frozen tunnels. Dartok Mastemyr entrusted Orsik with two locked chests to take back to Phlan.

At the end of the tether-path, the party encounter 4 undead guards defending a stone building. As they attempted to parley a towering gelugon squeezed out the door of the building and eventually provoked the party into a battle. He attempted to trade his own life for a wish granted to Quirray, but he was slain by Kalhanan with the consent of the group. Quirray recovered the beacon of true faith and passed it to Orsik.

During the battle, Orsik determined that Golan Truesteel’s axe is capable of speech as it vocalized its belief that the gelugon who turned out to be a disguised Glabrezu could not be trusted.

Unwilling to allow the undead guards to remain so close to the mines and New Verdigris, Kalahanan led an assualt on the stone building and the icy knights were dispatched.

Within the building were three sarcophagi, two housing slain knights of Tyr, while the third held a knight of Lathander. The sword of the knight of Lathander was missing and the sword-arm of the knight had been broken.



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