Knights of Phlan

Nat Wyler's Bell

The bell tolls for thee...

Burias stayed with the Priests of Tyr to recover, while Orsik rejoined the party. Why celebrating at Nat Wyler’s Bell, the PCs were attacked, from the kitchen, by several mutated lizardfolk. An odd occurence happened during the fight. Everytime Simeon’s daggers met steel the bell would ring. As the bell rang, his daggers would vibrate. This led to a constant ringing of the bell during the fight. Concerned, Orsik eventually cast a shatter spell which both destroyed the bell and several of the remaining lizardfolk. One made a run for it – back into the kitchen.

They headed into the kitchen to find an unconcious Nat Wyler, who Orsik healed. He revealed that the lizardfolk had come up through a sizeable “drainage grate” in the floor. They followed the tracks of the lizard to an underground river, where a dark cloaked armored figure was speaking to the lizardfolk. Lethudiae shot the lizardfolk through the head.

The armored figure fought them at this point, hand to hand with the assistance of a dire wolverine-shark thing that the party was able to put down. One of Orsik’s attacks destroyed the armor of their foe, and as his helm cracked and clattered to the ground they saw it was, in fact, Anton. After they disabled him, they determined that a red crystal on his chest was mounted to a steel plate that was interlocked with his ribs. Orsik used his powers to break the jewel free and radically damaged the chest plate.

They took the unconcious, but amazingly still alive, Anton to the Temple of Tyr – where he remained comatose for a two weeks.



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