Knights of Phlan

Mantor's Library & Valhingen Graveyard

Bad luck continues...

The council contracted the party to find information in Mantor’s Library related to the Lord of the Ruins. There they encountered a basilisk, a very small beholderkin, several stained glass golems. The golems had previously cut to shreds several mutated lizardfolk that had been involved in strange almost mechanical modifications.

From here the party made an attempt into the Graveyard, where they defeated a spectre that was crafting zombies. Defeating this creature caused all remaining zombies to collapse into heaps. They encountered two vampire spawn, but were able to destroy them.

Soon after they stumbled into a pit that turned out to be the lair of several vampires, and barely escaped the vampire queen there, only by the grace of Moradin was Orsik able to turn her, and he was severely injured in the process.

In the lair they discovered the missing Hammer of Tyr, though only Simeon (strangely enough) was able to wield it. As they ventured further through the graveyard, they discovered that the mists parted for Simeon as he walked. However, a surprise attack from a vampire, wights and a giant skeleton resulted in the death of Orsik. However, in the fight they were assisted by a wight who appeared to be Burias, but he ran off after the fight.

They took Orsik to the Temple where they learned that the manner of his death would result in him rising as a vampire. Bishop Braccio encouraged them to go to the Temple (formerly of Tyr, currently of a cult of Bane) in an attempt to recover scriptures that might be successful in returning Orsik to life.

The party scuffled with orcs near the Temple and when confronted by their leader, “Mace”, he made a deal with them. They would clear Ranthor’s Tower, in the mansion district and he would allow them to search the Temple for Tyrran scriptures. The tower was protected by a system of 5 magical gems (4 outside the tower, one hidden somewhere within) that electrocuted anyone who came within 30 feet. They … ran for the door and made it inside, with minimal injury. They cleared the tower and determined that two wizards had attempted to fight off various monsters, but were ultimately unsuccessful. A gnoll assassin had come in from the roof, and killed at least one of the wizards. However, that gnoll had his throat slit, possibly with his own knife, before he could escape.

They cleared the tower and took 4 of the crystals (and the controlling cloak) from the tower. A series of shennanigans followed at the temple as the party managed to steal a great deal of hidden treasure, while distracting the orcs. A human with a greatsword arrived at one point to speak with Mace. The orcs led the party enter the mausoleum below, but locked the grate behind them. They had to fight off several undead and a golem made from the bodies of several long dead priests of tyr. (The golem was made by Yarash).

The orcs did let them out, eventually. However, there was no raise dead scroll. But, logs of the temple that were recovered referred to a “Master of Valhingen” who once returned a boy to life that turned out to be an ancestor of Cadorna.

So, back into the graveyard they went. The Burias-Wight led them to a mausoleum which seemed to be the lair of the Master of Valhingen. He turned out to be a spectre of sorts who has seemingly lost control over the graveyard due to the presence of the vampire dwelling therein.

He explained that if the body of the dead is joined with the soul of the dead on the fugue plane, then the dead would return to life. Existing in the graveyard was, in fact, a tear that leads to the fugue plane.

The party returned to the Temple and spoke with Bishop Braccio who was saddened to inform them that Orsik had now turned into a vampire and was chained (with silver) in the basement. They took Orsik to the graveyard and the Burias-wight also followed. Once on the stairs, the two undead creatures (Burias, Orsik) became almost catatonic and simply followed the party.

Meanwhile, both Orsik and Burias had been waiting on the Fugue plane for their respective gods to take them to the afterlife. They both were met by a beautiful woman with pale blue skin who cautioned them that their failings may cause them to not be welcomed in the afterlife and that she could help them return to life if they would do her a favor at a later time. They both separately agreed and she led them to the base of a stairwell, such that they were there when the party arrived. She then flew off revealing her bat-like wings. Orsik and Burias both became somewhat troubled by their decisions.

Upon touching their animated corpses, both Orsik and Burias were returned to life.



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