Knights of Phlan

Kovel Mansion

A sticky situation...

Lord Kovel, a council member was reported to have been assassinated. Cadorna hired the party to route out the likely suspects, the Welcomers of Phlan who were holed up in Kovel Mansion.

As such, Heiratess proposed a plan to the council in which she would be named (with House Kovel’s support) to the council and used as bait. If all was successful and the Welcomers routed, then she would be named to the council.

Then, misinformation was put out in Phlan and a trap was sprung for the Welcomers. Heiratess was attacked which sprung an ambush from the party. A few thieves escaped. Half the party (Simeon, Anton, Burias) escorted priests of Tyr who had been summoned for an injured Heiratess (actually, one of the injured thieves) was ambushed by thieves as they made their way from the inn to the temple of Tyr.

The other half of the party made their way to Kovel Mansion to launch an attack. Simeon later caught up with them. At Kovel Mansion they moved room by room encountering thieves and nefarious traps, one of which started a fire that burned down a quarter of the mansion. Heiratess captured one thief, and two thieves escaped.

Seeing the fire, the orcs from the Temple of Bane made an attack which led to Mace’s death at the hands of the party. The orcs had actually doubled in numbers (less their losses at the hands of the party at the mansion) from a merging of the other tribe of orcs whose chieftain had been killed at Mantor’s Library (and whose numbers had been diminished on Thorn Island).

The party reassembled and with the blessing of the priests, and using the Hammer of Tyr – they routed the orcs at the Temple and successfully fought off the counterattack by the orcs (who were now also reinforced by ogres of thar).



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