Knights of Phlan

Into the Wild

Simeon, Kal, Ericon, and Torric have some male bonding time

After they cleared the Temple and the priests began taking residence, the orcs fled Phlan (likely to the other tribe’s lair). While they were reknowned in town for a short while, another group of adventurers returned (finally!) from clearing the kobold lair of 5,000+ kobolds. This had taken weeks.

Simeon managed to start a fight with their leader, by stealing his spear. Upon discovering that his friends, in fact, called him “Spear.” Simeon could not resist another series of insults which led to a brawl with the drunken fighter. Kalhanan nor involved, as did Harlin, the other group’s rogue. But, the fight broke up before the city guard could be called.

Meanwhile, Heiratess received two Elven guests when she was the sole council member on duty one night. They were outraged to see a Drow on the council, but through her extremely capable diplomatic skills she was able to at least convince them to give their report. They had scouted out the source of the pollution to Stojanow River. It was a Mulhorandi-esque pyramid that had been built on an island upriver. It was spewing wretched black liquid that was making the river undrinkable.

Orsik had discovered that the foundation to the temple had been undermined by the undead in the crypts below it. He, Karrig, Anton, and Burias thus became busy solving the immediate threat to the structure.

So, Simeon, Kalhanan, Ericon, and Torric (the former member of the Welcomers who Heiratess had captured and was now working for her) sought out the pyramid. Enroute, they came upon a series of glittering hillocks or mounds. Simeon convinced the others that they should be explored and they ended their evening fighting off giant praying mantises and a spectre creature that rose from the idol there. Simeon rounded up all the spears used by the thri-keen and decided he would present them as a gift to Spear, when he returned.

The next day, much increased in gold coin, they traveled to the island. They passed one patrol of lizardfolk who shook their spears at them. Simeon shook his bundle of spears back at them, but no incident resulted. They finally made it to the pyramid.

At the pyramid they were attacked by several mutated lizardfolk, one of which was as large as an ogre, but only had one arm (which extended from his back and not from his shoulders. It was a close fight for Kal, but they won.

The pyramid’s only apparent entrance was a mirror-portal which led into a maze. A second portal was found in the maze that at one point split the party into 2 locations. Kal and Ericon, separated from Torric and Simeon, took to entering the portal together, by hugging and them leaping through as one. Simeon and Torric … did not. In the end, Kal, and Ericon ended up outside the pyramid with Torric and Simeon lost somewhere therein.



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