Knights of Phlan

Cadorna Textile House

A series of unfortunate events...

After they received their reward, they were assured by Cadorna that he would throw more work their way. In the meanwhile they discovered that another group had succeeded in clearing out the slums to an extent that Kuto’s Well was accessible to townspeople and Nat Wyler’s Bell was a relatively safe place to get to.

Cadorna contracted them personally to reclaim the textile house his family owned when they had lived their previously. However, this attempt was met with disaster.

The gnolls that dwelled within were not an overly difficult challenge, however, their leader and shaman both proved to be formidable. The gnoll leader made great use of his bow and in the end the entire party was routed. Grim and Tarask were knocked unconcious but luckily healed by a healing burst that Orsik put out shortly before being captured. Burias and Anton were both crumpled in the center of the courtyard and presumed dead. With their attention focused on the concious Orsik, the gnolls missed Tarask and Grim rousing and slipping out.



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