Knights of Phlan

Chaos and Blood

From the Journal of Orsik Mastemyr:

Date and Time

The city is in flames and foul folk run the streets! No sooner had we finished ridding that light-forsaken cemetery of its taint, we heard the sounds of battle a death from the city. Even a wyrm causing chaos from above. I swear, for the life of me I can’t understand what interest the clans have in this city. It seems determined to kill anyone who comes within its walls.

We’re planning on making a run for the council chamber. Most here seem to be smitten with the drow, but I figure our best chance of driving out the invaders is to put together a coordinated defense. Now we just have to find an army to mobilize.

Date and Time (+1 hour)

Moradin be praised! We’ve had to fight our way almost every step of the way through the city. Bands of orcs are roaming the city, and we’ve destroyed a few of them. Four or five hill giants were even roaming about looking for something. The priest of Tyr and a few of his brothers helped us put them down, but just then a dragon came down from the sky, and demanded those huge ioun stones we’ve been picking up. Strange thing is it was one of the metal ones; I thought they were supposed to be good. Either way, I asked why he was working with the filth and what he wanted to do with the stones, but he wouldn’t give an answer. I don’t know where I stand with the Master of the Forge right now, but I know he wouldn’t want me selling all these people out to save my own skin. So I refused the beast and decided to go to the next life with my hammer in my hand, and my honor whole. The fight was as terrible as I expected. The dragon killed the priest, mangled Karrig, and blasted me with flame in the process. The next thing I know, a glowing man stood up out of the priest’s ruined body, touched the dragon, and it fled.



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